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Ready to Overcome Self-Doubt, Inner Conflict and Limiting Beliefs to Live a Life of Happiness, Peace and Fulfillment?

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Are you struggling with:



Personal Issues?

Romantic Relationships?

Or just want to be free to experience a more positive, transformational way of living?

Enhance your Life and Empower your Ability to:

  • Resolve Health Issues
  • Deepen Romantic Relationships
  • Transform Personal Blockages


My name is David Greenwood and as a Counselor, Transformational Life Coach, Hypnotherapist and Personal Growth Facilitator I have been involved with personal growth and spirituality for over 40 years helping individuals and couples create more life in their years.

Let me help you discover greater health, joy and fulfillment by moving through the blockages and inner resistance that hold you back and sabotage your personal and professional life. 

 You can choose to do one or all three Premium Programs.

First, you can start with...

1. Start by focusing on Creating a Healthy Self

Personal Growth    

Health and Wellness

Romantic Fulfillment

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My name is David Greenwood. My passion is to help you experience the transformation of becoming your Real, True Authentic Self. Connect with a positive, amazing Reality.


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2. Next move onto Achieving Emotional Freedom

Emotional Freedom

Emotional Freedom

Schedule Your Complimentary, 40 Minute Transformation Session

 This session is designed to help you achieve:

 Awareness as to how your inner resistance sabotages your success and relationships

 Vital, positive goals for creating a better life

 A specific plan to bring forth your Authentic Self and create a new, healthier chapter of your life

 Renewed optimism about achieving self fulfillment

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Schedule your complimentary, 40 minute Transformational Session either in my office or by phone and feel a renewed sense of hope and direction.  You can overcome what holds you back.

I can

3. Complete your Growth with Spiritual Transformation

Spiritual Transformation

Spiritual Transformation

Our exclusive, personalized Premium Programs provide you with the essential tools to realize your ultimate dreams

These Programs may take as little as 2 months and up to 4 months to complete.  You are in charge of how fast you complete your program.

Transformational Programs include:

Program 1 - Create a Healthy Self

This program is for:

  • Transforming Anxieties for Personal Growth
  • Improving Relationships with Greater Intimacy
  • Achieving Wellness and your Healthy Weight


After completing your Create a Healthy Self Program, you may wish to continue your Personal Growth by focusing on two deeper programs that Create Emotional Freedom or the Spiritual Program Awaken in the Now


Program 2 - Enjoy Emotional Freedom

  • Become your Authentic Self for Emotional Freedom
  • Discover and Heal Wounded Inner Parts
  • This is a deeper issue release program


Program 3 - Spiritually Awake in the Now

  • Awaken to the Now for Spiritual Transformation
  • Living in the Moment Empowerment Program
  • Connecting with Your Authentic Self


What's stopping or holding you back from being in the Now right now?

Each program may be completed in 2-4 months depending upon your time frame and includes sessions, phone support, audios, videos, exercises, books, special techniques, experiencial processes and more.

What else do the Programs include?

  • How to live the life you want to live
  • How to meditate with a quiet mind
  • How to create positive thoughts and feelings
  • How to focus upon what you want
  • How to be successful despite the self sabotage within
  • How to quiet that chattering, critical mind
  • How to overcome that negative mind
  • How to discover your Authentic Self
  • How to connect with your Spiritual Self
  • How to practice Transcendental Realism (Practical Spirituality)


 Some of the Program Components

  • Initial 2 hour Fast-Start Session to understand then create a plan for your future
  • Hypnosis and Coaching Sessions to achieve your goals
  • Each session includes a CD/mp3 Audio Recording of your session for at-home usage
  • Motivational Audio CDs/mp3s to reinforce your success on a daily basis
  • One-half-hour Phone Sessions for support
  • Pre-recorded Videos to keep you on-tract and eliminate self sabotage
  • Pre-recorded Audios for support and motivation
  • Weekly Email updates and ongoing assistance
  • Assorted Websites, Articles, Books and Exercises for continual encouragement
  • One-on-one focused support by Phone
  • Advanced processes for inner growth and as needed
  • Journaling and Dialoguing with your inner parts
  • Learning the technique of Tapping to reinforce your program
  • And more...

Look, we can talk about how incredibly amazing it will be to live life in this transformational state of mind, but its best to come in and talk in person so that we can better explore what it means to you to achieve your dreams.

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If you wish to overcome phobias and habits using hypnosis, please visit my hypnotherapy website at:

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David Greenwood

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MA   Counseling Psychology

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