Romantic Fulfillment

Resolve Your Inner Beliefs About Relationships to Transform Them

Romantic Fulfillment
  • Perhaps your relationship with your spouse needs reworking
  • Maybe they feel like you don't know how to open up
  • Could it be that you just don't know what the problem is?
Health and Wellness
  • Is it time to renew your vows?
  • Does your long-term relationship need jump-starting?
  • Would you like to start over?
  • Does your romantic partner demand that you make changes?
  • Maybe you are confused over how to proceed?
  • Perhaps a new relationship is causing you self doubt and concern
Passionate Partnership

Schedule your complimentary 40 minute "Transformational Session".  Learn how Romantic Coaching for Seattle and Bellevue can help you find and keep the love of your life.

  • Together we will create a clear vision for the kind of person you’d like to attract and the kind of relationship you’d like to have
  • We will explore hidden challenges that sabotage your success with romance
  • Discover how to re-energize your romantic relationships
  • You will leave the session with a renewed sense of direction and energy to find the love you deserve and desire
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We will discover how:

  • your inner parts are the primary forces that choose your romantic partners.
  •  your resistive inner part sabotages your efforts
  •  to open up to your partner and heal your old, negative beliefs and behaviors
  •  to trust that you can have the relationship that brings you joy and fulfillment
  •  it is time to say yes to being the healthy individual you want to be


Together we will set a course that resolves old beliefs and behaviors and creates new skills and abilities for success.  Become the individual who draws the mate you desire.