The Anatomy of a Strategic Coaching Session

Anatomy of a Session

So how does a strategic coaching session address your issues?


Strategic coaching is primarily a collaborative process between you and your coach. As your business or personal coach I will function in a variety of roles depending upon your needs.

These roles include being your coach, mentor, adviser, trainer, consultant and so much more. Of course, the ultimate responsibility to act upon and determine the best way forward is up to you.

While the process of coaching is unique for each entrepreneur, each coaching session follows a similar structure.

Approximately 48 hours prior to each Strategy Meeting I will email you the Strategy Meeting Preparation Form.


This is an outline form designed to:

• Review the highlights of our previous session

• Recap the objectives you wanted to focus upon for the next session

• Determine the successes and challenges of the week

• Discuss the bigger picture results and current status of achievement


During the sessions:

At the pre-determined time, we may meet in my office or I may call the phone number you provide.

Strategic business coaching appointments vary in duration from 30 – 60 minutes depending upon the agenda for the week.


Here’s an example of a shorter, 35 minute coaching session.

First 5 minutes: Greeting

5 – 10 minutes: Review the highlights of the previous coaching session

10 - 20 minutes: Discuss the main objectives of the previous session and the plan of action we had determined you would concentrate upon

20 – 30 minutes: Determine appropriate plan of action and/or commitment for the week

30 - 35 minutes: Wrap up

Confirm next appointment


At any point it might be important to discuss more in depth any of these phases during a 60 or 90 minute session.

While this plan of action helps to keep us on track and establish a familiar pattern to follow, each particular session might require us to diverge into another format.